Release v0.5.0

Fixes and Changes:

  • Fix: Enter key in main menu now submits game code
  • Fix: Bug causing Trumpet/turn icon to show on multiple players
  • Fix: Bug causing only one letter to be typed at a time in name change. Name changes now submitted on deselect and enter key
  • Fix: Server expiration is now 3 hours instead of 1
  • Fix: Cursor missing on client error out to main menu (e.g. when host dies)
  • Fix: Names in player list will always display in the same order
  • Fix: Lowercase letters in gamecode will correctly map to uppercase equivalents (ASP Change)
  • Feature: Thumbs Up will get larger after 5 seconds, making it more obvious for players too drunk to see thumbs
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    Nov 16, 2020 22 MB
    Nov 16, 2020

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